what had happened is...

Hazard to Ya Booty was just another mid-level funk band trying to make it in St. Louis. Then something happened. During an open jam one night at practice they stumbled upon a groove so powerful, so profound, that the music itself became physical. The funk had so much stank on it that the room smelled funny. The presence of this music was palpable. Forever changed, HTYB laughed euphorically and dubbed this music CRUNCHY FUNK.

Hazard has just completed work on a full-length crunch funk opus entitled The Precipice, which drops this spring (2013). In the meantime you can listen to a sample of the crunchy funk, like us on facebook, sign the mailing list, and download some tracks.


The Precipice is nearing completion!

Hazard's new album is almost done! This Crunch Funk opus is called The Precipice and will drop summer 2013. Soon!

The album contains 14 original songs:

1. The Precipice (of Human Ability)
2. Badass Me
3. Ya Mama
4. Just the Tip
5. Paint Ya Canvass
6. Steak Sandwich
7. Willie Dillinger
8. Take My Glasses Off
9. F.U.N.K.
10. Access Pass
11. Mistress
12. Criticize
13. Loosen Up
14. Simple Things

Stay tuned for more details and release info!

Posted 4-10-2013 8:50PM by Crunchy

"Ya Mama" is Now Available on Planet Earth

The first single from the upcoming Hazard To Ya Booty album The Precipice has been released for FREE download to all denizens of Planet Earth (Sol System, Alpha Quadrant). The energy-infused single was very well received on Hazard's tour of the Gamma Quadrant and is now being made available for download at no cost to the economically-challenged humans on Hazard's home planet. Go to the download page and get it!

Posted 5-17-2011 1:42PM by Crunchy

Single Release Party at the Historic Sheldon Concert Hall

Tonight HTYB will tear up the Sheldon Ballroom with interplanetary Crunch Funk from beyond the Gamma Quadrant. All attendants will receive a link to DL the dope new single "Ya Mama" - for FREE! Plus an invitation to the afterparty! Show starts at 8pm with The Goodtime Engineers.

Posted 4-22-2011 1:40PM by Crunchy

HTYB on the dang TV!

Here is a link to the video of Hazard's appearance on Fox 2 News with Tim Ezell yesterday. The song is the title track from the new album, "The Precipice (of Human Ability)". Enjoy!

Posted 10-1-2010 9:52AM by Crunchy

Hazard to Ya Mama's Big Fat Booty Band

The Big Booty Blowout at the Gramophone went off like gangbusters!! Thanks to our friends from Asheville, NC for coming in town and setting off the night with us. This is our 3rd time playing together and it's always a blast!

Posted 9-25-2010 2:50PM by Crunchy

Hazard to Ya Booty's 3rd LP: THE PRECIPICE

We know you've been clamoring for it, we just want you to know it's coming. We have the songs written and they're dopism. Now that our horn lineup is solid with Jeremiah on trombone and Matt on trumpet we can move toward the album full speed ahead. Should be done in 2011. Giddy up!!

Posted 9-22-2010 11:46AM by Crunchy


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